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Hi there. We at Captain Satellite Productions, in our ongoing quest to help our readers "get it", would like to interrupt this narrative to bring you vital information on...
...Naomi Morinaga, who will be played by me, threereasons-asiangirl1, for the duration of this joke. *Tee hee*
Naomi Morinaga (born March 12, 1964) is a Japanese actress who first rose to fame playing the role of the sidekick "Annie" in the Japanese superhero series SHAIDER (1984).
She has played numerous roles in both film and television since that time. She is a talented stuntwoman and capable actress and she also hasn't been shy about taking her clothes off.
A cool site about her can be found at http:// www.geocities. Hollywood-Theater/ 4413/index.html. Sorry, it's in Japanese only.
If you use a search engine, I'm sure you can find numerous nude pictures of her, pervert.
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