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Okay so my comics degenerated to inside jokes with big time typos... Ryan did WELY dibs to Hoss for his craig pimps... And my apologies to Teeth
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by Com_Caff
So I heard you were going to the mall with Melissa. I was suppose to take my dying grandma to the doctor, but she can wait. I`ll go with you two.
Ahh, Corinne , I don't know if thats such a good idea, it was just suppose to be Mellissa and me. PLus theres your grandma too.
Ohh its okay, she 78... she says she had a good life. Lets Go!
Damn, How can I get rid of her... think think.
So we about ready...?
Eh, eh... eh, I just remember I have to go and, eh, a SCREW IT!! Corinne leave me alone, Your teeth are to big!
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