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Everything I do has a reason. All these comics have a reason. If you don't like them, go shove them up your ass. I love my boys--Sean, Jeremy, Sliver and especially DADDY!!!!!!! Be good and continue with your oh so glorious reigns of comic terror. Oh yeah and some of MY favourite Lowpass friends are.... Gabe Billings (you are the comic god.) Wirthling Son of Halford (that's my honey!!) And Bunnerabb (So far you have my vote for the BEST lowpass comic with Jesus fires his writers. I love it!!!!!!)
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Well since we last saw Mildred, he was racking his brain to find a way to fix his Robot Machine. During all that time I wonder if he has succeeded. Let's have a look.
Okay so that didn't work. I wonder what made me think that I could do such a thing. I don't have the power to take over the world. I can't even build this ****ing machine and it came preassembled.
Oh. What's this? Has Mildred come to his last resort? Wait...what's that?.....
I am doomed. All my plans, my hopes my dreams...ruined. I can't handle all this failure...I must end it, here and now.
It's little Susie from down the street. And she's brought him a sweet.....What could it say? Read on for the last installment.....
oh..? What is this....
Here you go Mr. Mildred. The mailman put it in the wrong mailbox.
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