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Everything I do has a reason. All these comics have a reason. If you don't like them, go shove them up your ass. I love my boys--Sean, Jeremy, Sliver and especially DADDY!!!!!!! Be good and continue with your oh so glorious reigns of comic terror. Oh yeah and some of MY favourite Lowpass friends are.... Gabe Billings (you are the comic god.) Wirthling Son of Halford (that's my honey!!) And Bunnerabb (So far you have my vote for the BEST lowpass comic with Jesus fires his writers. I love it!!!!!!)
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A small apartment in New Orleans.
So you want to know the story of my life?
Well, yes. That's what I do. I'm a collector of lives, if you will.
Intriguing middle scene.
I'm a vampire. I was watching you this evening.
You were waiting for me in that alley way, weren't you?
The pathetic ending.
Yes I was. Drink from me and live forever.
Maybe I should get a day job.
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