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In a way, i like to think of myself as Jesus, or somebody of equal or greater purpose. I was in the mood for remaking the robotic pineapple, but this series will be set up differently and try to have story archs, most of the characters are the same except will be featured to a different extent to what they previously appeared, and a few characters have been replaced or restocked to more suited places. Oh and expect a lot of new characters, because you won't get many and i just love to get your hopes up. and you don't have to read the original comics of the series or Melvin comics because this is in a completly different universe and I hope to make this one continue for while but we'll see what happens. Also Dacca comics will continue because i love that series but at the moment they are my only two series.
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by Dacca
Maybe if I stand here, in this position and think hard enough, then maybe, just maybe I can go Invisible.
Did it work?
I really need to buy a mirror.
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