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Current project: Making comics out of the better blogged real conversations with my friend Scott. Some of them don't fit the comic format very well, so I highly recommend going to the blog and reading them all there.

The cast:

From left: Scott, Rebecca (my wife), James (me), Lee aka Amber, and Michelle.

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by DexX
Ah ain't gonna let mah daddy lah in tha ground fer nuttin! I swear to tha Lowrd-
CUT! Oh, come one, Bevan dahling! I'm not feeling the emotion...
Oh, Philip... I am so very sorry, but I am just finding it frightfully difficult to find the centre of this character... I mean, what is his motivation?
Fine, I will go and get the electric cattleprod again...
What? Uh... *ahem* Mah powah daddy! Ah will get revenge...
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