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by Drexle
Hey Flub! What's up?
Oh man, Holly, I just got the urge to try something exciting! Xtreme Watersports! I got the urge from watching that Xtreme Oyster Harvesting special on TV!
Woah, you're into that sort of thing? So am I!
Yeah, I've got my official Xtreme snorkel, and my Xtreme Goggles, and my Xtreme little arm-wrapping-floaty-fins!
Silly, you're not going to need any of that stuff... let me show you some REAL Xtreme Watersports... Open wide!!! *Tinkle Tinkle*
AAAaghhh!! *Glub* *Glub* what the *glub* are you *glubbb!!*
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