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by Drexle
You know, gender-based double standards are just fundamentally wrong, so I think I'm going to pioneer a movement based on equality of the sexes!
I'm glad you feel that way. So what do you have in mind?
Well, since it's socially acceptable for women to bash men, I figure you girls must be in the right, so if we're going to be equal, let's all follow women's lead!
From now on, I'll vow to be a crabby *****, who isn't satisifed with a nice girl, but who clings to abusive girls all my life... I'll lead girls on with false innuendo, then leave them hanging..
I'll judge the value of a woman by the size of her wallet, and not her breast... I'll be tempermental and expect her to read my mind when I'm ma... hey, what are you doing? Put down that grenade!!!
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