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by Drexle
I swear, I don't know where Obi was... I'd have tied his limp pecker in a knot if I could find him... look what he did to my hand?
I'd put out a search all through the outback, but he was nowhere to be found. Eh, he wouldn't last a minute down under anyway!
Looook, I'm tellin' you straight out, he wasn't in the dungeon! I like being dominated by women... not guys with flabby manboobs.
What? Umm... I swear, I don't have anything to do with it... I haven't even been here. I've been too busy beating the **** out of mallcore kids!
Okay, I've got the cash... all in fi dolla bills... now put out, wench!!!
Sirry people... Obi was with me!
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