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This is your life, and it is ending one crappy comic at a time. Have a molotov fruit ****tail!

If you like my work, just remember that times are hard... and so am I!
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by Drexle
You know, I made this place for everyone to have fun, but I think we need to talk... about your donkey sodomy habit.
You're just jealous that you don't get all the prime pieces of ass.
I'm serious man... you're scaring off the newbies, and frankly that last donkey was ****in' scary. What the hell kind of noise was that?
The same kinda noise your mama made when I bent her over the kitchen counter! I'll have sex with all the doneky I damn well want!
I'm going to ****ing ban you if you don't shape up and cut the donkey****.
You don't understand what it's like, Brad... I ain't got no-body.
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