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Here are my comics. I originally did Goat worshipping and I am Jack's comic series . . . but now even though I may do those still here and there. . I just do random comics for the time being. No promise of them being great, I just do what is on my mind. In fact I'm willing to admit most of them are lousy.

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by Ekirh
Tlyer? What are your views on pre-emptive strike?
I'm all for it. I mean honestly we might as well get them before they get us.
What about the consequences? Shouldn't we do more intelligence, diplomacy?
Who needs all that when you can BAM! Get it all accomplished with one well-placed missle.
So act and not think . . . yah that'll be beneficial.
Indeed, in fact I'm going to pre-emptive strike that ass before she knows what hit her.
Should've done more intelligence buddy. Your not the only one with a ****. Same range and I am not afraid of a counter-offensive.
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