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I'm just a modern guy, of course I've had it in the ear before...
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by Elvishitler
It all started when this fucking guy asked me for the time. I said no but he was like:
You want pussy, I got pussy!
Sounds like a plan. I'm on a budget.
Then shit got a little complicated...
So, the sick twisted fuck likes baby pigions, huh?
Yeah, we pulled him out of a dumpster with the body of some dead bird. You know what he told me? He said the live ones are out of his price range...Sick motherfucking BIRD-FUCKER SHIT STAIN QUEERBAIT!
Now I'm in prison, you know what happed next.
I'm gonna make you my SUGAR BITCH!!! Turn around princess, let me tap THAT SWEET ASS !!!
Ok Mister Aryan sir.
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