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by FrixFrax
Oh Jake, yerrrr!! Yerrrr! Ride me! *jack jack*
Oh for the love of mercy! Are you jacking off to that there Brokeback Mountain again?
Now Bill, we both know Brokeback Mountain is the only thing with homosexual content a gay cowboy can get away with watching in this town
But I'm not gay George
Oh really. So what was that there time in the barn house when you let me suck yer ding-a-ling-ling?
Oh my God! I thought we agreed, that was a mistake, we'd both had too moonshine and...
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comments on this comic


LittleRocker says:

Haha, You need to make more in this series, its great.
posted Mar 16th, 2009 ( permalink )

FrixFrax says:

Well ta for all the comments. Glad ya liked it!
posted Mar 18th, 2009 ( permalink )

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