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MEOW MEOW MEOW! CAT CHOW! CEASE YOUR FLATULENT WINDS AND HEAR MY MIND NUMBING EXPULSIONS OF WICKED NOISE! GRRR! CHEESE! I SENSE YOUR ENVY OF MY NECK! AND I DON'T BLAME YOU! DROOL OVER MY MAGICA-oh **** it. do you know how hard it is to stand on this soapbox and scream insane **** at people all day? it's HARD. like really really hard. im gonna go watch tv.
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by HappyNoodleBoy
wow, i noticed that huge garbage truck full of pogs out there! did you do all that for me?
no-er, i mean...yes! so we're a couple again? wonderful. see ya later, sidekick!
i feel so unloved.
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