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by IdeaSmith
The Age of the Metrosexual Man
What a ghastly idea! Men competing with us in the beautification stakes!
Oh don't worry about it. It's all about gender equality after all. Think about it...
They’re going to have to design a bag that carries mobile phone, Ipod, cologne, comb, hair gel, face wipes, loose powder, nail file, tweezers, moisturizer, hand sanitizer...
...mustache trimmer, petroleum jelly, dry tissues, eyebrow comb, deodorant, nail cream, wallet, keys and handkerchief.
Silver lining...
Ha...! But without a natural genetic disposition to finding something in chaos, they'll also need a map to find all those things.
A metrosexual man is still a man...who won't want directions!
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themushroom says:

I like you, you're verbose.
posted Sep 12th, 2007 ( permalink )

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