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Another fine product brought to you by the folks at Pulp Friction. Okay, there's just me, but "folks" sounds more credible.
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by KarenZipdrive
French guy talks to German guy
I don' see why zee Americains are so eager to go to zee war avec Iraque.
Ja, they von in Vorld Var II so they sink they are so tough.
Vell, iff ve Chermans vanted, ve could fight wery hardt, even against the Americans.
Mais oui! We French are zee lovers and zee fighters and we are not afraid!
Ach! Das ist schiest! The French may cook vell but fighters they are not. Sorry to have to tell you zis, mon petit ami.
Mon dieu! You have hurt me with zeese words and for all le nerve, coming from a filthy Nazi!
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