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I want to write something funny and clever using the words dogma, karma, poverbial, and shitassballlickfucker...but my comedic intellect is not quite at that level.

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by LameLoLsCatt
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Pilipino PedEx. How may I halp you?
I need to ship a large package to the Philipines.
Ok ma'am. I can halp you with dat ma'am. Can you describe the Fackage to me ma'am.
Well it is 5'5", 160 pounds or so, and it never shuts the fuck up!
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My Mother's Filipino

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dcomposed says:

excellent phrasing
posted Jan 13th, 2011 ( permalink )

LameLoLsCatt says:

Thank you
posted Jan 14th, 2011 ( permalink )

umfumdisi says:

This is so good, I rated it good!
posted Mar 1st, 2011 ( permalink )

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