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I live some place far far away, why
do ya ask? LoL

YES, its Friggin Cold here too GOD !

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by LippySkippy
Don't Judge a book by its cover *Don't judge us ghost hunters by what we do*
That is a question for anyone to answer ! Why put blame on us ghost hunters for?
We don't vandilize / steal items from cemataries,historical places
*This is pretty much a RANT then a comic
How about put blame on the "goth kids" you would think they do stupid shit like that.
We ghost hunters have standards & protocols we go by on/during investigations of private home and or business's.
So, do you, think what goes on in historical places / cemetaries that deals with stealing and vandilizim that make others think its us ghost hunters?
Its a toughy to answer isn't it huh. We don't like to be judge like the goth kids don't like it. So really is anyone right to judge anyone else?
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