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by Lleian
Look what I was sent /blush
Do not come to my thread and try to talk bs about me. you are mad at me for totaly different reasons which is totaly pathetic on your part.
And I'm mad at you for being a prick about your gf being friends with me and making her put me on ignore because your afraid shes going to "cheat" on you. rolling_eyes
My love, come to me, I want you to devour my soul, That my blood is boiling, to feel each tender touch of yours.. HEY. Sigh just drop it please you guys just argue over the silliest things........
I think you both are pretty retarded and pathetic having an arguement like this over an online game.
I am not having an argument with him about this game. He is the one who came here saying how I suck at this game compared to him changing the subject in this thread...
No, I was pointing out that you have no right to laugh at a rr3. and laughing at the fact that you post everything with your relationship with jen on a gaming board as a means to get attention.

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VN Drama

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