BFME2: The Reflex

Comics for and about my BFME2 clan. If you don't understand them, don't worry about it. It means you're cooler than us.

by LuckyGuess
I'm fighting their main force. Have Kreigor and Gimli out, can't hold them off. Send help quick. Trying to buy time with Boulder Rain.
I'm sending some uruks your way but can't spare a lot. Arknug fighting with Blue and needs the army. Where's Jeremy?
IDK, Didymus is just standing there in your base. Shit, Gimli dead. Troops closing in, no powers left, no heal.
Just hang in there while I kill this guy. Jeremy, get the **** over there. What are you doing?
[fap fap fap]
Sorry was with my wooooomaaaaaan. Oh GOD everyone dead you guys ****ty loooooooool.

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BFME2: The Reflex

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