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I am older than you think I am.
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by Malathion
Okay, say that I, as your creator, didn't give you free will. You're just e-puppets, if you will, to me. Why would I do that?
To espouse your beliefs on free will to the whole Net.
For your own amusement.
On the other hand, why _would_ I give you free will?
I don't think you could if you wanted to.
On the other hand, maybe you have no choice but to give us free will.
What odd statements! You are both implying that perhaps I have no free will myself!
Are we implying that? Or are YOU implying that THROUGH us?
Maybe it's US that are forcing YOU to come back to this Web site and have this conversation. WE could possibly have free will and it's YOU that do not. Think about that for a while.
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