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What people are saying (*): "More fun than a sack full of dead kittens" - Joe Grant "We will go to the moon" - J.F.K. "More contagious than the black plague" - A Rat "He is witty. He is funny. He has style" - A.S. Byatt "There are only two people in the world who would understand this, and they are both me." - A Schyzophrenic "If I had any glands, I might find him funny" - Death "As Stylish as a banana daiquiri" - Terry Pratchett !!Now back with 25% more funny and 100% less hair.!! (*) Not saying anything about me especifically. just saying in general.
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by Melkor
You got a scary glint in your eye tonight buddy.
Lack of pussy can drive a man insane.
As your pink imaginary horse friend heed my words. LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY!
I'm working on it. Last night I got in touch with my feminine side.
I spent the entire night watching "Titanic" and cried myself to sleep.
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