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The Corner: Of course we're self depricating, we were raised Catholic.

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by Mocha_Monk
Dude, we're leaving early. I was either about to offend some chick or bringing company for the walk home. What's up?
I. . .I think I had a moment of brilliance. Kelly was coming on to me, and I pretty much shot her down.
So we're leaving the party because you finally won one? What kind of ill **** did you realize and how does this involve me?
I'm still in love with Chloe, and I need to do something about it. And you're going to help. Besides, you're **** faced, that chick was foul.
Now is not the time to question my judgement. the question is why when you have a revelation I miss out on *****.
There will be plenty of girls in England. Look at it this way: the plane ticket will be cheaper than drinking her out of my mind, which means more money to buy you beer. Now sober up and pack.
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