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true stories, translated poorly

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by Moturd
So in conclusion, I will make a 29 minute hyperloop commute between Baltimore and Mars a reality. I just need a digging permit.
Mr. Musk, not only will the Baltimore City Council give you a permit, we'd like to invest one Billion dollars of city bond money to help make your idea a success.
For two billion I can make you win the Amazon HQ2 competition.
Done! My God, we are so lucky to have a genius like you born into our generation.
For another billion I'll make your city safe from gun violence and turn it into a model of racial harmony.
You Sir, are a flimflam man! How dare you defraud the citizens of Baltimore with your malarkey and pseudo intellectual quackery. Begone you Charlatan!
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Moturd says:
posted Oct 20th, 2017 ( permalink )

Makin_d_bacon says:

I almost thought you were dissing St. Louis, Missouri! May it never be!
posted Oct 21st, 2017 ( permalink )

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