Elf Life

A brief autobiography in comic form.

by Namgubed
As most elves are, I was born in a place that doesn't exist ... West Germany. -- Well, OK, it's still there, but it's just called Germany now.
Dü haßt ein kleine mensch mit zehn fingerschen ...
Wow, he's hung like a rhino! Oh wait, that's just the umbilical cord.
As a military family, we moved around a bit. Our next destination: the idyllic suburbs of New Jersey, where my early childhood was filled with repressed bad memories ...
Lobo, waaaiiiit!
Must chase rabbit across the street ... **KA-THUMP**
On second thought, there were lots of good memories, too ...
Well, there's one woodchuck who won't be raiding our garden anymore!
Gee, tastes like chicken! Except for the shotgun pellets ...

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Elf Life

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