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Oh boy! I HAVE A PROFILE ON THE INTERNET! You better belive I'll make the most of it. So, there I was, trying to smell the bicycles rubberhose... and what do I get? NOTHING! It's all because of that Gil Bates guy :\
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by OysteinH-O
Please sir. Help me! My neck is long and blue, and a man is trying to steal my shoes¤%"(!&
Geep willikers!
Don't look at me! I'm hidous.
No no, you're beautiful. I... I think I love you. Please rub your long neck on my ear. You hot turkey, you.
Do you see the larch? THE LARCH; CHILDREN!
And that's why they call them diapers! True story!
I'm sorry you've got a head like a potato... I really am.
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