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Poor Impulse Control
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by P_I_C
Oh, god i love you... so... much.... jesus. I can't do this anymore. This is such crap! Who wrote this? A drunk crackhead on black tar heroin? I mean WTF?
Shut up! Come on, it's Aaron Spelling! He could shit on a peice of paper and it would get made, now shut up and read the freakin' lines!
No way! Have you read the rest of the script for our characters? Because i have sex with you i'm not affected by vampiric powers? What was the working title Spelling? Skindred: The Undressed? Pervert!
Hehe... uh... good one Thomas... yer such a kidder!
What are you talking about! I'm seriou- OH GOD!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Oh.. i love... you too Detective Kohanek. And now that we've made sweet.... undead love... you are immune to the powers of my brethren.... if they try to hurt you.
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