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If you follow BryceKain's comics, then you know what Planet WTF is. If you don't, click on the "home" link to the left. Titty sprinkles.
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by PlanetWTF
Your cat, though it has been rescued, hath spittled a wave of 3,000 Garfield comics into my podonkus. It was really quite an exquisite experience.
Wait wait wait. I thought we weren't going to put comics on this account? BryceKain specifically wanted this account as a placeholder for the name Planet WTF and nothing more.
Though it seems wasteful, this will be the only comic that appears on the PlanetWTF account.
But what if BryceKain changes his mind and makes more comics on this profile at some later date? He's been known to do that, you know!
Oh Jesus Christ.
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