Mr. Big Stick for the Porn Chick!

Ranger's World FIRST reality show!

by Ranger77
"Ok, we're officially sponsored. And we have our first request from the company."
*groan* What do they want us to do plug their stuff? I can't wear the T-shirt they gave me for obvious reasons.
T-Shirt?? They sent me 'Official' D&G underwear. Strangely enough they came with Bick's business card attached....
"Well never mind that. For now, anyway. The thing they want us to do is a bit strange."
I knew it! They want us to change the strip!
Damn, I was just getting used to a certain level of insanity around here.
"Well actually they want us to do a reality dating show. Strangely enough only one of our cast has been chosen to be the lead player in this endevour."
Reality dating show?! Now which one of us would even....Oh, I see....
What? You see what!?

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