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by Reidy
Is that new math?
yeah, i did away with the old. it bothered me too much.
I like the retro feel of old math. You just don't get that warmth and energy with new math.
i like the fact that with the new math, it's more portable. and you skip to pretty any equation or formula with the press of a button. you just don't have that kinda convenience with the old math.
Yeah, but that convenience is killing the true spirit of math. Sure, it's not as accurate, but man, does it ever CALCULATE!! It caculates SO HARD!!
i don't buy that whole old math purist thing. i mean, you have to have the right mathematician doing exactly the right math problem to really achieve that so-called old math superiority.
Whatever. You get a great, old mathematician in a dark, seedy math club reciting the times tables, and it sends chills up and down your spine. Try getting that with your fancy algorithms.
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