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In the Beginning...

When I started out on stripcreator, I didn't plan to establish characters and run with it... but given that most of the comics I've ever read have casts and such, it just sort of came naturally. In this set, no chartacters that were introduced were supposed to be recurring, but some of them just ended up that way: Jon, Tataki, Samantha, Cowdjinn, and Jim. Even Bova to some extent is a regular. But the devil just didn't make the cut. Go figure.

by Scyess
This sucks. I never meet any cute chicks around here.
Yip yip! Arf!
My god! That little doggie over there is sooooooo cute! I'm going to give him a great big hug and kiss right now!!
I'm yours. Teach me The Way.
You say that now, but rarely has one of my disciples gotten past the Trial of the Green Bikini Briefs.

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In the Beginning...

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