Pay Yourself First

How by changing one simple habit you can become financialy independent

Hey Blondie! -- I earn an income far above the average --- but I'm not getting any wealthier ----- -- why NOT??
Becoming financially independent ---- has nothing to do with the size of your pay check!! -- It has to do with a single simple habit.........
Ok!! -- so you're going to tell me I have to BUDGET and save like mad right? --- and I'm here to tell you I have tried budgeting it just doesnt work
Tee Hee -- You're right - Budgeting only tells you where you've spent your money -- Budgeting and Dieting - both leave you feeling disadvantaged and underprivileged
OK -- big mouth what is this one magical habit that, I don't seem to have??
Like most magic it is very simple Jack ----------------------- Pay Yourself First !!! ------------------- "click arrow"

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Pay Yourself First

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