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Crash King would like you to know that his password is "moats", and he welcomes your attempts at comic-making. Please try to be funny. Thank you.
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by The_Crash_King
"Tag, you're it." Honey? Why are we getting mysterious threatening messages in the mail?
I'm afraid I've been leading a double life, dearest. As well as your loving wife, I am also a superheroine. Yesterday, my arch-enemy discovered my true identity.
Oh god, oh god. Stay behind me, pumpkin, I'll think of something.
He also offered a hojillion dollars to anyone who can deliver my head on a silver platter.
Didn't your sister give us that lovely silver roast dish for our third anniversary?
Please, sweety. I can juggle tanks and fly through the heart of the Sun. You couldn't even cut my nails. Now come to dinner. I cooked potroast with my laser-breath and your mother's recipe.
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