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COMIC COMPETITION AWARDS: (1) FTC #28: "Psychic Award" (2) FTC #34: "Most Similar" and "Funniest Comic To Mary Kay LeTourneau" (3) FTC #40: Funniest Comic To Republicans (4) FTC #41: Funniest Politically Incorrect (5) FTC #42: Best Pun (6) FTC #49: Truth Award (7) FTC #65: The AUUHHH Award (Best Use Of Being Corny) ---------------------------------------- It should be noted that, in fact, I am only making fun of hypocritical people\stuff. In the same vein, I tend to make fun of a lot of real life stuff in my comics. My Series: 1) The Weef Gang: --Based on my friends and I (not all definitely true stories). Though all are very likely to happen. 2) Life With The Parents: --Humorous true tales of having lived with my parents and various family members. My characters: Me, my parents, my two nieces, my sister and brother-in-law 3) Road Tripping: --Can Rico and Stickly survive their trip?
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by The_Kingpin
You forgot to pay the power bill, didn't you?
Shut up.
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