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The author is a twenty-one-year-old player-hater wasting away in Natchitoches and New Orleans, LA. He has an unquenchable addiction to Dr. Pepper and Kemp's Moose Tracks ice cream. He is a bum.
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Has anyone else noticed that ever since Spin has hired Andy Greenwald, author of "Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers, and Emo," as a contributing writer that they have a newfound fervor...
...almost obsession with emo? For example, Chris Carabba had a cover this year, there are six emo albums in the year's top forty, and there are countless articles about unproven bands like Brand New.
Furthermore, what exactly are they pushing it for? Isn't emo's appeal based on its small community? Is there a 300,000 album ceiling for emo bands or will they ever sit with Beyonce on kids' iPods?
This is a little esoteric for the comic isn't it? Is this just a garden variety observation or is there a punchline to any of this prattle?
Oh, there's more than a punchline. Bitchass.
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