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by Violator
Hello filthy capitalist dogs. this is Lei Chin Wook, of the people's republic of China. We no like your yankee missile defence.
Yes, we do not like threatening intitiative to shoot down our missiles which are NOT aimed at USA! No, they are aimed seals!
This report was brought to you by East Asia News
Dang, ah guess its tahm to outlaw abortion so's we can have us selves moh cannon-fodder.
So now you know, Billy Bob, why I'm your momma, and we's livin in this heah trailer park, and why that thar cruise missile has your name written all ovah it. And you've got Dubyah to thank fo it all.
Yeah, ****ing sweet mom. My life is fully ****ing explained you ****ing ***** and now I guess you'll tell me Dick Cheney is my dad?
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