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"What happens when I do this?"

RCD 5: Best Comic
CC 361: Best Comic
OPC 39: Best Comic
BTC 58: Best Comic
CC 338: Best Comic
FTC 96: Best Comic
WW 46: Best Comic
FTC 23: "Funniest Comic for Nerds"
FTC 21: "The General Zod Award"
FTC 20: "TOBOR Award (Funniest Inside Joke)"
FTC 19: "Bronze Award of Neat-o-ness," "TOBOR Award (Funniest Inside Joke)," "Funniest Comic for Republicans," "Funniest Comic for Democrats," and "Funniest Comic for Nerds"
FTC 18: "Funniest Politically Incorrect"
FTC 17: "The Hat Trick"
FTC 16: "Funniest Comic for Nerds" and "Best Use of Lack of Rules"
FTC 15: "Funniest Politically Incorrect," "Most Similar" (great minds think alike), and "The AUUHHH Award"
FTC 14: "Most Obscure" and "Best Use of Python"

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by Xuanwu
Son, have you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior?
TOBOR has!
What? But that's... Oh, dear Lord...
TOBOR savored Christ many times.
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