To Serve Robot-Kind

A23-TK421: Lesbian ex-bartender, and last actual human on Earth. All other humans are clones of her. BobTron: Fun-loving, somewhat dense middle manager of the Robot Apocalypse. BrianTron: High-strung, melodramatic floor supervisor. Always suspects an uprise is imminent. Unit-7: Single-minded old fart-bot with a speech impediment.

by ZMannZilla
Greetings, Slave #A23-TK421! Today you'll be assigned to the soylent green processing plant! Hope you brought gloves!
Yeah, about that, uh...
Our nation's Constitution clearly prohibits slavery. What you're doing is unconstitutional. Plus, nobody voted for you, OR your stupid little "robot apocalypse", so buzz off, I ain't going.
A Few Minutes Later...
...and with good behavior, you could have your eyes back in as little as three months! Now, are there any questions?
Yeah... Next time, could you just kill me please?

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To Serve Robot-Kind

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