To Serve Robot-Kind

A23-TK421: Lesbian ex-bartender, and last actual human on Earth. All other humans are clones of her. BobTron: Fun-loving, somewhat dense middle manager of the Robot Apocalypse. BrianTron: High-strung, melodramatic floor supervisor. Always suspects an uprise is imminent. Unit-7: Single-minded old fart-bot with a speech impediment.

by ZMannZilla
Excuse me, miss... Could I please get two Labatts and a shot of Goldschlager?
Take a hike, robo-scum. We don't serve your kind here.
Two Years Later...
Okee-dokee... Slave #A23-TK421, we're gonna put you to work in the ebola mines, shoveling some nice big piles of... hey, don't I know you from somewhere...?

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To Serve Robot-Kind

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