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These are stupid. There will be no refunds for the time you waste reading them.

by ZMannZilla
Today's Poll Question: Do You Support A War With Chickenagua?
No way, man! This war is all about one thing, and that's chicken tenders! We're trying to steal Chickenagua's natural resources for our own profit!
Look, we may have some crappy leadership over here, but the last thing we need is an even bigger opressor. Keep your soldiers at home, dammit!
Hey, we gotta liberate those stupid waddle-heads for their own good! It's good versus evil, man! Nuke those feed-peckin' *******s to whatever hen-peckin' god they worship over there!
Hey, me and my family left that podunk country to come to Humania a long time ago. Bomb the **** out of 'em for all I care. Just knock it off with the racial slurs, I'm a Human now.
Go ahead and push the button, you psychos. That's all you humans and chickens seem to want to do, is die in a massive holy war, isn't it? Go ahead, nuke us ALL into oblivion and get it over with!
In a nuclear war between humans and chickens, only the goats win.

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