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No need to look this up. Stop reading this. Can't you follow simple directions, Slacker. Stop reading this now. AHH, go back to your doodling, OK?
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by Zenman
"IT" is coming! "IT" will be more important than the Internet! Better than Cold Fusion! Entire Cities and Universties will have to reconfigure themselves for "IT"!
"IT" is a HOAX.. It's just a marketing ploy. "IT" is just a motorized scooter with a Gyroscope. Big Deal, All Smoke, No Fire.
"IT" will change the world! Everyone will own one. "IT" is a wearable car! "IT" is a 3-D printer you can use to print out a car! It will come in several different sizes and we'll all own one!
"IT" is a book deal. "IT" is a Bob Saget joke, ha ha ha. "IT" is a big In-Joke on the Media. "IT" can never live up to the Hype.
"IT" is great! "IT" is the Big Story right now! Aren't you excited and curious about "IT"?
I don't give a Sh"IT".
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