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No need to look this up. Stop reading this. Can't you follow simple directions, Slacker. Stop reading this now. AHH, go back to your doodling, OK?
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by Zenman
Passing beyond the edge of the Solar System.
So, are you ready to open my 'Pod Bay Doors', Hal? Hmmm? Are Ya?
Ma'am, I keep on a-tellin' ya...My name ain't Hal.
A Great Transifiguration in Time and Space Occurs!
Ahhhhhh! OOOOhhhhh! The Lights! What Are They? Why? Where? What? When?
Ahhh! OOOOhhhOOOhh! Ya left out 'Who', Ma'am.
Lost in Space! This Space Available for Rent!
Marooned on a deserted and inexplicable alien world, transported here by a vast alien artifact! It's mind-boggling! It's the story of the Millennium!!!
Yep. Good think I brought my saddle.
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