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Party planning in Rand Paul's Libertarian Utopia...
Hey Sue, what's up?
Doug asked me to plan the office birthday party for Meg. Any suggestions on a place?
Hmm, that’s tough… I would have suggested Amici’s, but Alex is lactose-intolerant, and the owner won’t let you leave without drinking three glasses of milk with your meal.
Yeah, and Burger Town is out if Sarah’s coming, what with their “No Jews” policy. Is Keith OK with using the back entrance at Applebar? They do allow mixing of the races in the bar area…
Steakwagon might work, but you'll have to ask around to make sure everyone was conceived in wedlock. Or Coconuts, as long as none of the girls are menstruating.
You know what? Never mind. It's going to be cake and balloons in the break room again this year.
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