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by aletoddy81
Dear Marly, how did you like to have visited the Museums inside the Ibirapuera Park?
I loved visiting them, especially the Afro-Brazilian Museum. I have never known anything so incredible as about the African influence in our country, dear Alessandro.
Alessandro, what did you like best in Ibirapuera Park, besides having visited the museums?
Then, my best friend Afro-Brazilian Marly. I found it magical and extremely beautiful to see the families of ducklings all together swimming on the lake.
What do you think of dinner at the top viewpoint of the Museum of Contemporary Art, right there at the exit of Ibirapuera Park? We've had this experience at the Santander Lighthouse, remember?
Yes, I remember, it was an incredible experience, even we were flirted with hansome guys, i think we will be contemplated again tonight.
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