New Zealand story

Not sure why I bothered with this one. I think that was the week I was drunk.

by andydougan
Excuse me, Mr Crowe? I was wondering if you could spare me an autograph. It's, uh, for my aborted son.
So I says "What do you mean Virgil's lyrical prowess surpassed mine in some respects? Haven't you ever heard of 30 Odd Foot of Grunts?"
Look, lady, could you **** away off. I'm entertaining my wife with musings of weight.
Er, no! I'm willing to make the sacrifice! Why don't you talk to her instead? Preferably for several hours?
No offence, but your wife obviously correctly regards you as a waste of life. So how about that autograph?
That's it! I'ma autograph your dead skull!

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New Zealand story

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