Adventures of John Pienaar

In my first two years at Stripcreator, my comics often featured real people from the British political and media world. One of these was John Pienaar, a BBC reporter. This story began with my vain attempt to make the 40,000th comic on the site (I failed even to get 40001, beaten to it by this). The plot evolved from there, and even spawned a sequel in the bloated and unfinished End Times saga. John Pienaar has been absent since mid-2003, and I haven't received one complaint.

by andydougan
BBC News with Huw Edwards
Andy Dougan makes a play for comic #40000! John Pienaar is on the scene! John!
Tense scenes here at the Evening Times in Glasgow. We're likely in for a long wait, though, as this is only comic #39936.
Another Red Bull, Andy?

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Adventures of John Pienaar

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