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i am previously known as arbi. this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
i missed a couple days. i was going to make a comic at the parking lot before going into work, but i missed my exit and passed the airport and doubled back on ronald reagan boulevard.
work went well. i worked in the vegetable room all day, which i prefer.
made an appointment with my mechanic for wednesday noon. brought home chocolate cake and garlic bread. forgot tommy hates the smell of garlic. so we may give that to the raccoons. aka trashpandas.
i worked 4 days and got paid for 6, so should be an ok paycheck. i looked at a house for sale by owner on 10th st.
got an article picked up at rick's blog, about the six million bill texas got for winning their voter ID lawsuit (they won but still had to pay.)
now i have the weekend off to catch up on chores, or goof off. step 1: drink this starbucks. oh! i forgot the part where i went downtown and tried to vote, but they only offered a provisonal ballot.
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