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by arbi
i did 4 1/2 things in my 8 item list for tuesday, even tho i slept all afternoon. rommy woke me up just in time to run go do my set at crackers, which i think went well. i'll post a link later this
no jokes just story telling. i talked about hannah gadsby's nannette, a 3 minute version, about kevin and how it started well and ended in violence. and that's just this week. i wrote two sets and
threw away half of it, might use some of that if i do the dugout tonight. listening to ari shafir and some libertarian leftist, 4 hours of solid truth, like rogan but more so.
tomorrow i apply as an amazon van driver. did not get the colts game vendor gig. but a rejection is better than not applying. jill send me a new jobs board lead. so i'm starting to look for work.
i'm very worried i'm forgetting a court hearing today. i'll try to track down that nagging doubt before i fall asleep.i just thought of a link i can check. i kinda need a bath too. so i'm trying
to cope, but maybe still being overwhelmed. i came home with canned goods so now i need a can opener, and i can survive thru the winter. gonna try 2 negotiate my electric bill so i can keep tommy warm
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arbi says:

shopping list: 1. rat poison 2. good can opener 3. look up case 4. bath and laundry. 5. cough medicine. i might be getting tommy's cough. he's badly sick, and his mom's in the hospital. she's been incoherent so he had his cousin check on her and they took her get checked out. so i look after him and he looks after her but we're all a mess.i keep on keepin on, but a bit of despair lately. started as a list, ended as a rant. i like this format, maybe i'll add a comment explaining the kevin story better.
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