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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
saturday i didn't get much done on my memos. brian's back in town. kevin still hasn't brought back all my laundry from a week ago. emaile some tv stattions re my case, nothng yet.
i ran into a bird dog, a local guy who is trying to get into the houseflipping gig, so i showed him both my houses and two of the vacant lots.
8 ways the world could end ted talk
i could not afford a tciiket to the damien center fundraiser ths year, sio i went to volunteer, but theey int really need anythiing done so i left.
today i cleaned up in the kitchen, went to church, aske pastor smith for an appointment but we didnt connect yet., i was supposed to be sorting papers but i think i waste the afternoon on reddit an wa
watching videos about an asian fungus used to make miso. i use ot have aa best frien carl who mae his own miiso, but we drifted apart. i have an inability to keep friends.
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