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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
so it's 1 am, can't sleep, i realize i should have taken an allegy pill 4 hours ago, i wasn't just tired, i have a cold.
i listened to a podcast about wil wheaton after running into him on reddit tonight
but it didnt help me drift off to sleep. a few weeks agi i didnt qualify for an insomnia study in new york, because i spend too much time in bed, awake but trying to sleep.
i'm not sure they have a good handle on what insomnia is. so i'll be braindead agin tomorrow and likely to leave early that is if we don't get laid off.
since i'm hopelessly awake now anyway, i might as well see if tonights better call saul episode is online yet.
so work says we will get laid off thursday. i planted canteloupe and ate a strawberry. i'm at the rasta shop for lunch.
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