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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
It's wednesday pm, we've got tomorrow to kill, then friday is busy, then saturday we leave. It's gone really fast.
I got very little done of the things I came here to do. 13 pages out of the 100 i planned, 2 pages was all the volunteer work i got done, only read two books.
Soon I'll be back to being able to use this background. people are stating to ***** about the food - same stuff over and over and small servings, but i have no complaints.
big money and an easy study. i'm hoping to come back in a few months and do it again. they havent decided if that study will be under 45 or under 55. i have a year and half before i'm 56 and too old.
there's not much i -have- to do before i go. i didnt find my crazy uncle who lives in a shelter somewhere here. i didnt find any magic seeds to bring home like i hoped. thee's still time to mail
myself a package. the car's already full so i wont be able to stop at all the antique stores in kansas. i should count my money and add up what this trip's expenses have been.
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