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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
friday: didnt get much done today, but i got out, bought a bike $70 wore shorts for the first time this year, got home too late to go to the bank. traded emils with a high level libertarian lawyer i'm
trying to get to work with me on a misouri case. did ome chores around the house. hung out with helen for a bit. watched scott pilgrim.
i should go plant some seeds i bought yesterday, then do the dishes and maybe start some soup for tomorrow's serve.
i didnt fix the volvo, or call mom, so i'll need to buy a bus ticket for baltimore on wedneday. bank tomorrow. just had dinner with several housemates.
bought my ticket. time to pack.
saturday hae went ok except for the part where the kitchen ceiling fell on my head. i made 4 kinds of stir fry and rode my new bike to and from. sunday it's raining, i might re-pot some plants, got
fone minutes so i call mom, house meeting soon, then buy bus ticket. i'm proofreading a memo. so far i havent found counsel in missouri.
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