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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
yesterday my alrm was turned off so i got a wake up call from work but made my blood draw on time. billed 3 hours on some long emails to cocounsel.
today 4 short emails with his staff, got stabbed one last time, now we have a week off. it was tornadoey so i waited a few hours and got packed and now at noon i'm heading off to indiana.
the next time i sleep could be at home in my own bed. i have two homes right now, i'm almost bicoastal.
i'm probably forgetting something. oh! the cosmos seedlings in the back yard, i want to bring some of those home.
objectives for trip home: get plate for this car, fix the volvo wagon, meet with xander and helen about case. collect rent, make sure house isn't falling apart, pay dumpster bill.
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