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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
i'll have to doublecheck, but i might have saved $5-10K last year after all, between my 3 bank accounts. i'd been wondering where all that money went; i didn't buy a house and only bought two cars.
today i went out from 1-6 pm running errands, got some stuff done. my back hurts from carrying groceries and a car battery. the first walmart wouldn't exchange it but the other one, 15 miles away did.
i'm trying to get psyched to get back out there to hit up first friday gallery events, to be social.
png renderer is still down a year later, so how do i save a comic as a file?
i got a deluxe oil change, $75ish, bought car mirror, superglue flashlight and pliers, $11, got a month's mail from the p o box. 3 threatening letters from government agencies, which is what triggers
the acute phase of my depression, so i'll have to pick a good day to open them. picked up a couple boxes groceries. sorted mail into bills, checks, other. mostly tax receipts.
about $1300 coming back, from lost checks over the years.
i mailed the briefs to counsel which was my must do item today. long line at post office, fiasco at walmart, but the oil change went well. and i reprinted a form to get money back from indiana
unclaimed, but i didnt have my driver's license. hope it's in my other pocket, or i'm doomed. found it. last time they rejected my claim before i forgot to photocopy my driver's license.
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