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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
i spent maybe half of today lying in bed doing nothing much, but in between that i got a few things done.
i was a half hour late for a meeting with joe, my partner in a rental property. we had a productive session and got some of the income/expense data i've been looking for.
i did some cleaning in the room of the old man who moved out. i washed dishes, sorted a bushel of eggs, ordered a power cord from amazon (my once a year amazon purchase), 15 pushups, bagged up some
clothes, emailed the state gop caucus staff attorney to suggest a time to meet, checked with my mechanic who is not done with the van yet, charged my phone and computer, withdrew funds at bak and
paid electric bill 161. It was too rainy to go to the county fair. Roof leaked a bit. I had an energy drink so i was up half the night.
The supreme court decided 3 cases today and has 6 left for monday. Nothing major today. Murr was mixed bad news for takings fans, 5-3.
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Makin_d_bacon says:

"...the city that always sleeps." Gotta love it!
posted 9 hours ago ( permalink )

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