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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
this is maybe the first day where it's just really hot, and slows me down. where was i: tuesday similar. post office bank money order paid electric bill a bit of shopping took out trash looked at a
house i want to buy at auction june 1. I turned the fans on, watered plants outside, cleaned the trunk, started laundry, plugged in the bug zapper, emailed helen and rick, counted my cash,
just mundane tasks like that. i need to keep cleaning my car, empty the roof bucket, finish the laundry, make a better list.
i need to find the pdf form to print off and notarize,and work on the lawsuit,and the other lawsuits, and the werle problem, and report the salvation army to the lincoln police for the $34.27 they
stole from me. i'm the arbitrary aardvark. i fight crime. i'm not very good at it. crime usually wins.
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