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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
i still need to write up a notice of tort claims.
wednesday: didnt get much done today. the second week of my break is almost over. did a little blogging.
went to the bank, paid two bills, got some zinnia seeds, cleaned the stove, continued my game of thrones marathon.
we had a really good dinner and house meeting today. 4 guests, one guy gave a talk on prison reform stuff we might get involved in.
tuesday went to a workshop with xander at his media collective project, held at a cool ecocenter that had fishponds, an internet radio station, a yoga dojo,and a full kitchen that i might want to
borrow. the workshop was on how to set up a wordpress blog, which was tricky for me because i had to give wordpress a fake email since i've been banned there before.
hanging out with wine afterwards was fun. two hot chicks with media and campaign skills. well not hot but interesting.
the wine came from the benefit i went to saturday night, after helen stood me up because her parents were here.
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