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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
thursday. i didnt get much done. game of thrones marathon continues. i went on a drive to a couple of nice private colleges on this side of town but didnt find the meeting i wanted.
then i went to another meeting at the ecocenter, an aclu presentation on know your rights. outlined a notice of tort claims that's due soon. the meeting was at the ecocenter where we had tuesday's
workshop, and was organized by the brother of one of my roommates, it's a small world kind of thing, 5 people i know were there. didnt mingle well.
nice autumn weather, going to need heat soon. made a list of stuff to do tomorrow, but i'll be up all night with season 4.
i forgot to look up during the partial eclipse. it wasn't really noticeable and my attention span is short.
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