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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
sunday i went to kokomo with helen and gave legal advice to her parents. monday i got 13 things done. maybe i'll list them in a comment later. have a 21 item to do list.
tuesday i spent $116 at an auction for 1 and 1/2 carloads of food. station wagon car, not railcar. collected $600 in rent. paid $370 in utilities. still up for the day. also mopped 3 floors.
more as it happens. i plan to take a bath, cut the grass, then i'll need another bath.
tomorrow the auction continues if i go, then thursday cincinnati again.
tonight my friend kc showed up for dinner, and he's going to move in at least for a while. so the 6 of us now.
paid $250 in rent. so in the red for the day now. no i found a birthday check my mom sent. will collect more rent thursday and a study check.
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arbi says:

did: got into nebraska study. called wva, no answer yet. po box walmart thrift store bank club dumpsters haircut sorted mail made a list 21 items. dishes, put away dishes stopped by 4015. looked at a lawnmower, $59. go back and get it. emailed skyler, got reply. took glass recycling.
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arbi says:

did wednesday compost recycling trash wrote a section of the brief for an hour, put numbers on #54, bought gas, aired up tire, dropped off lawn mower and a box of bread, faed my ID to the study place in NB, getting ready to go to cincinnatti.
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