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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
wednesday, day 1 of i'm not sure how many, 20something,
unless they send me home tomorrow. they have 16 and only need 12, so 4 of us will get sent home. the rest will dose at 8 am.
i brought a suitcase of paperwork to work on, but what i'm actually doing is checking the list of houses for sale at the upcoming tax auction. i try to buy at least one house a year.
the food here is as bad as ever, and you have to eat it all, unless you can manage to hide some. blood test, **** test, ekg, blood pressure, all the usual first day stuff.
they sent me home. made it home.
the staff includes andreas, a jarhead who keeps order, and justin, the wiseass who knows when to bend the rules to get something done.
they play a lot of good cop bad cop.
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