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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
sunday i drove to kc. developd a 3 days case of the runs. might have been something i ate or drank.
monday i screened. didn't get in. my pulse was too high at 100, everything else was ok. they kept me waiting for hours. i was dead tired
so i only got as far as columbia mo before i found a $50 hotel room and crashed out. i like columbia, but i didnt leave to hotel; i was sick and beat tired.
drove tuesday, made it home before midnight. bath and change of clothes. i got an email that i might have a job grading papers. it said "this is not a job offer" but they wanted to check my schedule,
so i might still be in the running. car did not break down. trip otherwise uneventful aside from being hassled by cops. booked a different screening in missouri for next week.
slept past noon wednesday. day 4, so i no longer think it was foood poisoning, more likely something flu-like.
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