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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
credit cards 350, water bill for 205 267.
thursday is not starting off too well. I didnt get the $30/hr gig because i don't know the software package, although she does want me to send a better resume.
i didn't get the wisconsin study because i'd taken a bite of a poppyseed muffin the day before i screened, so now i can't come back for 6 months.
but tommy and i have a dinner date at the mexican place across the street i've never been to.
and one of my cases was mentioned in an amicus brief to the supreme court today.
i think it's time to get up, run some errands, do the post office bank routine and look at more houses.
i didn't end up getting to the houses, but dinner was nice. $13ish.
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