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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
paid car insurance. called credit card about a $5 charge i didnt recognize. my texas taxes seem to be paid. sent some emails. didn't go to the hamilton county courthouse and it's too late now i think.
so i could go check my po box instead, not sure i need to. but it's something to do.
read a few briefs. foolishly made an offer to write an amicus
i put out ant bait which might or might not work, i have these tiny ants snooping around my bedroom.
tomorrow i have a cle, maybe saturday i can focus on car repair or go to the greek festival.
oh i'm remembering now my car is full of groceries, some of which i want to take over to the new house. so i'll do that. done. and i need to fill the dumpster tonight.
coming back from the po box, i stumbled on coalyard coffee, which i'd never been to before. i'm not going to stay for jazz night, but it's a nice hangout place.
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