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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
the mall of america was fun. 7 stories tall and i am afraid of heights so a little tricky. didnt buy anything.
stayed at "motel 7" for $50 an hour from fargo. then i get a call saying they've pushed checkin back until tuesday. so i'm trying to line up an airbnb.
i started to drive home, but realized i would just have to turn around when i got there, so i'll stay here, somehow.
the upside is i get to drink coffee, so that's what i'm doing. and i picked up my computer from walmart that they were holding for me.
they had it mispriced and really didnt want to sell it to me, but i insisted, so they got one in, only took 3 weeks.
i guess now i should check couchsurfing. my other option is i found a $20/night campground and i could get a tent at walmart.
so i'm in fargo with no plans, gotta figure out what to do next. update I found a nice $30/night airbnb.
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