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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
today was monday. i made a list, but that got derailed when best buy refused to fix my computer, so i went to frye's and got this one, $260, a low-end toshiba.
other than that i checked my mail, got to drive across geist reservoir, and went to a pretty good libertarian party meeting.
frye's is in a fancy part of town so the dumpster diving on the way was pretty good. i have the alarm set because i have court tomorrow,
about the eaves that we got fixed this weekend, so if i get really lucky the case will go away now. or maybe they will put me in jail anyway.
now that i have a working computer i might get around to catching up on the last few day's comics. the $115 laptop i used a temporary thing wasn't up to it.
but for now i need to try to sleep, but it's hot and i'll have anxiety so i dont expect to sleep well.
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