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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
breakfast: denny's, missouri. grits coffee wifi outlet. another one of my teeth is showing signs of falling out.
when i checked out the motel, the crazy old lady gave me a framed statue of some indian gods, because she knows i'm into that. i gave her a tv and a blanket . it's all part of haggling.
lunch: mcdonalds. illinois, hash brown, free coffee with perches,wifi, outlet, newspaper,
bought a tiny revereware pot at goodwill, 50 cents, goes with my set. i had to leave behind a big tool cabinet i found because no room in the car, because i packed the $6 bike with the bent pedal.
dinner: starbucks, indiana, coffee, wifi. nearly dark. should make it home tonight.
in columbia missouri near where i used to live i visited a new clinic, but didnt get past the receptionist, but now i know where it is.
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