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i am previously known as arbi. this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
right now i'm in phoenix. on tuesday i found out that there's a good study here. $10K+. I probably won't get in, but the screening today went ok.
it took me about an hour to get online and find a working outlet. i had a few hours to kill but the airport is in the middle of nowhere, no starbucks or mcdonalds or anything nearby.
i'm flying american to st louis and bus from there. i took a personal day today and will get a demerit for not working tomorrow.
enough points and i don't get my promotion.too many and i get fired.
the study would be 42 days and if i get it, i'll have to quit unless they give me a leave, and try to get rehired later.
about $670 for ther trip so far, plus two days lost pay. i better see if we are boarding.
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JoeBlough says:

You'll notice, upon arriving in St. Louis, that all our roads & highways only lead OUT of town! Incoming traffic is nonexistent! What's THAT tell ya?
posted Jun 26th ( permalink )

arbitrary says:

i usually take 270 around st louis,or 70 through it. this time i took light rail from the airport, got off at union station, took a greyhound back to indy, city bus to my van at the airport, 25 hours so i had to pay the 2nd $9 parking fee.
posted Jun 27th ( permalink )

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