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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
saturday. 11 boxes to food not bombs. the back of my van is full of bags and bags of cookies and crackers from big lots.
vaccuumed. need to do laundry. bought a hat $3 for easter. verified acme still has its cheese priced wrong. need to clean the van front seat. smoked, found a backpack and two tool cases.
took some more CLE hours. moving it online has made it much cheaper, it was $75, used to take me $1000 a year. paid $400 for 6 months real esttae taxes. that's a month's pay but it's ok.
so. next, laundry, CLE, call tommy again. shower before church tomorrow. have dinner reservations.
have not done nebraska memo. have not drafted delaware complaint. doing the CLE's makes this a productive week if i get nothing else done.
squiirels ate my one tray of flower seedlings, i need to replant.
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